Exhibition Gallery


Entrance to the museum exhibition, featuring an aerial shot of Casablanca and a woman with braids wearing a wax print hood.

Entrance to the Fashion Cities Africa exhibition at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery


A museum display with five mannequins wearing outfits from Moroccan designers

The Casablanca section of the exhibition.

A museum display of outfits from South African designers

The Johannesburg section of the exhibition


A museum display of six mannequins wearing outfits from Nigerian designers

Detail from the Lagos section of the Fashion Cities Africa exhibition


Museum display showcasing work by Kenyan designers and stylists

The Nairobi section of the Fashion Cities Africa exhibition


A museum gallery with dutch wax print panels on the walls, and colourful chairs upholstered in wax print

Detail of the Fashion Cities Africa exhibition featuring chairs by artist Yinka Ilori

These photos are courtesy of James Pike and were taken of the exhibition as it appeared at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery (30 April 2016 to 8 January 2017).

The development of the exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, and its accompanying events programme, were documented on a Tumblr curated by Ruby McGonigle.