Exhibition Films

A selection of short video clips produced to promote, explain and celebrate Fashion Cities Africa.

A tour introduction to Fashion Cities Africa by exhibition curators Helen Mears, Keeper of World Art and Martin Pel, Curator of Fashion & Textiles.

Keeper of World Art Helen Mears talks about the Nairobi section of Fashion Cities Africa.

Curator of Fashion & Textiles Martin Pel talks about the Lagos section of Fashion Cities Africa.

Keeper of World Art Helen Mears talks about the Johannesburg section of Fashion Cities Africa.

Johannesburg-based journalist, publicist and shoe and accessory creator Maria McCloy talks about the hip-hop inspired look she put together for Fashion Cities Africa.

Maria McCloy talks all sorts, from her hometown JoBurg to her shoe and accessory range, the inspiration behind it, and the impact that colonialism still has today on attitudes towards dress.

Maria McCloy on JoBurg’s urban culture and homegrown streetwear brands.

Maria McCloy discusses shoes and the cultural significance of the MaChina/Ghana Must Go bag.

Maria McCloy on South African-based contemporary fashion brand RICH MNISI.

Maria McCloy chats about JoBurg’s hair culture.

Interview with Yegwa Ukpo, owner of concept store Stranger and contributor to Fashion Cities Africa. He discusses the inspiration behind his store and the aspects of fashion that excite him the most.

Interviews with street photographer and fashion blogger Joseph Ouechen and fashion journalist Mouna Belgrini, both based in Casablanca and contributors to Fashion Cities Africa.

Interview with Sunny Dolat, fashion stylist, creative director, Nest Collective founder, production designer for Stories of our Lives and Fashion Cities Africa contributor. Here he discusses issues surrounding LGBT rights across Africa.

Collecting Panel member Tony Kalume talks about kangas.