R6105/1 Photograph ‘Sunday Afternoon at the Love Café’

Black and white photograph of two women and three men outside a café

Sunday Afternoon at the Love Café by John Liebenberg (Museum Accession number: R6105/1) Image copyright: John Arthur Liebenberg

This photograph shows two women wearing fashionable outfits, standing the the doorway of a cafe, with three men in the background. John Liebenberg was a South African photojournalist who worked in Namibia. This work is from the series ‘Bush of Ghosts’ and was taken when he worked for the publication ‘The Namibian’ in the 1980s. Black and white photographic print on fiber base paper, collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: John Liebenberg

Title: Sunday Afternoon at the Love Café

Place: Namibia, Southern Africa, Africa

Date: 1988