R6108/1 Photograph ‘Vuyelwa’

Street style portrait of a young black woman

Vuyelwa by Nontsikelelo Veleko (Museum Accession Number R6108/1). Image copyright: Nontsikelelo Veleko courtesy of Afronova Gallery

This photograph shows a young woman, Vuyelwa, posing in the street, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, beige plus four style trousers with striped socks and oversized red earrings. This photograph is from the series Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. They reveal the role fashion plays in post-apartheid identity and culture. Nontsikelelo Veleko is a South African photographer who lives and works in France. Colour archival print on Hannemhule cotton rag paper, collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: Nontsikelelo Veleko

Title: Vuyelwa

Place: South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

Date: 2004