R6100/1 Car Tyre Sandals

Two black rubber sandals, one turned to show that the sole is made from a car tyre

Sandals (Museum Accession Number R6100/1)

This pair of sandals are made entirely from recycled car tyres. In Kenya, and many other countries in Africa, the practice of making leather sandals has a very long history. Since the arrival of cars, makers have adapted their leather working skills and utilised rubber from car tyres. People found that the rubber from car tyres made a comfortable hard wearing sandal, especially good when walking long distances, and they remain popular today. These sandals are made in numerous different designs, but this design has been produced for at least 50 years. Collected in Kenya by Tony Kalume for the Fashioning African project.

Creator: unknown

Place: Kenya, East Africa, Africa

Date: 2018