R6047/1-3 African lace outfit

mannequin dressed in white and gold african lace buba blouse

Buba (Museum Accession Number: R6047/1)

This white African lace buba (blouse), iro (wrap) and pele (shawl) was made in Nigeria and worn by Fashioning Africa Collecting Panelist, Edith Ojo, to a friend’s wedding in 2014. A buba and iro is a matching outfit worn by Yoruba women. African lace (actually industrially produced embroidery originally imported from Austria) is very popular in Nigeria and West Africa. Africa lace is worn on its own or teamed with aso-oke, as Edith did when she wore this outfit with an aso-oke gele. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: unknown

Place: Nigeria, West Africa, Africa

Date: 2014

mannequin dressed in white and gold African lace outfit

Woman’s African lace outfit (Museum Accession Number: R6047/1 – R6047/3)