R6076/1 Textile; Kente

Kente design cloth in yellow, green and blue.

Kente (Museum Accession Number R6076/1)

This narrow strip woven kente cloth was created by Ewe weaver Exodus Hallo. It was especially commissioned for Nene Akoto Sah VII to wear at the Agotime Kpetoe Kente Festival, an important annual event for Ewe people. Nene Akoto, whose given name is Emmanuel Tetteh, is a respected war chief and prominent member of society. His role at the Kente Festival is thus very important, as is the need for a prestigious new cloth. It is an Adanuvor or ‘two faced’ design cloth and Nene Akoto assisted in devising the unique pattern and colourway. At the 2016 festival Nene Akoto made his striking entrance carried on a palanquin dancing in this new cloth. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: Exodus Hallo

Place: Agotime Kpetoe , Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa, Africa

Date: 2016

a formal portrait of a war chief wearing a green and blur kente

Along with the cloth itself, the museum acquired this portrait of Nene Akoto Sah VII, wearing his kente outfit for the Agotime Kente Festival, 2016

Nene Akoto Sah VII dancing in his kente at the Agotime Kente Festival 2016