R6078/1 Shirt; Batakari

man's batakari shirt in a woven burgundy and cream check fabric

Batakari (Museum Accession Number R6078/1)

This batakari was made from narrow strip woven cloth that were woven, sewn together and tailored by the owner, Sylvanus Akakpo, in 1999. The machine embroidery around the neck was done by a local tailor. Akakpo made it to wear to the local Agotime Kente Festival, which he did from 1999-2015. A batakari or Ghanaian smock is a plaid shirt, made of hand-loomed strips that are popularly called Strip Cloths. The strips are made from dyed and undyed cotton and are then sewn together by hand or machine, creating a plaid pattern. There is often complementary embroidery at the neckline. These smocks are originally from the northwestern part of Ghana and other parts of West Africa. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa Project.

Creator: Sylvanus Akakpo

Place: Kpetoe, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa, Africa

Date: 1999

Sylvanus Akakpo wearing the batakari, Ghana, 2016