R6149/1/1 Outfit by Samson Soboye

A man wearing a wax print waistcoat with a blue shirt and black hat

Samson Soboye modelling his own designs, wax print outfit acquired for the Fashioning Africa collection. © and image courtesy of Samson Soboye

This outfit consisting of a matching waistcoat and trousers was created by the London based brand SOBOYE, founded by the designer and sylist Samson Soboye. He originally made this outfit for himself and wore it to a fashion trade show in Florence in 2012, where he was spotted and photographed for Italian Vogue. This encounter, along with the success of his pop up business, gave him the confidence set up his own fashion boutique and develop his clothing line. This outfit formed part of his menswear spring/summer 2014 collection, and was shown at Lagos Fashion week in 2013. Soboye’s signature style combines wax print or ankara fabrics with Western silhouttes and he takes inspiration from his Nigeria heritage. He purchases all his fabrics in London but they originate from all over the world. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: Samson Soboye

Place: London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Date: 2000


male catwalk model wearing a matching wax print suit and waistcoat

Male model wearing wax print trousers and waistcoat designed by Samson Soboye during a catwork show at GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013 © and image courtesy of Samson Soboye.

At the time of writing, professional photography of all the new Fashioning Africa acquisitions has not been completed due to Covid 19. Brighton Museum is grateful to Samson Soboye for allowing us to use the images featured here.