R6062/2 Textile

Textile, Accra, Ghana, Africa

This waxprint cotton fabric piece with floral designs was produced by Ghana Textiles Printing (GTP) at their factory in Accra Ghana. It was bought from Beracah-1 Ent, a fabric shop near Makola Market in Accra, after the World Art Curator saw this same design being produced on a visit to the GTP factory in August 2017. This fabric is classed as a genuine ‘wax print’ because it is printed on both sides of the cloth, this makes it a more expensive fabric to produce and purchase. GTP is a popular fabric range that is purchased in lengths from a shop and taken to a tailor to be made into garments, typically for occasional and evening wear. Its factory stickers are still attached. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa Project.

Creator: Ghana Textiles Printing (GTP)

Place: Accra, Ghana, West Africa, Africa

Date: 2017