R6068 Textile; Kente

Intricately woven green kente cloth

Kente (Museum Accession Number R6068)

This narrow strip kente cloth was created by Ewe weaver Letesa Gakpey. The technique is called ‘soge’, meaning lighting or thunderbolt, while the zigzag design is called ‘sugarlump’ and it is made in the coastal southern Volta region. Weavers use two sets of warp threads to produce this type of cloth. This is a particular feature of Ewe produced textiles in the Volta region, and may have been invented by Ewe weavers. Purchased directly from the weaver on a visit to weaving workshops in Agbozume. Collected in Ghana for the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: Letesa Gakpey

Place: Ghana, West Africa, Africa

Date: 2010s