R6082 Textile; Kente

Kente made up of coloured strips representing different designs and techniques.

Kente (Museum Accession Number R6082)

This narrow strip woven women’s kente cloth was made by an unknown Ewe weaver. This type of cloth is called ‘Sasa’, mixed cloth or patchwork. These cloths are made up of different coloured stripes of narrowstrip woven cloth and most of the examples that make up this cloth use the ‘Kpevi’ or two stones technique. They are often made up of leftover strips and this makes them cheaper to buy than other kente cloths. They are sold at Agbozume market and used for everyday wear. Purchased from textiles dealer Enyonam Azamuti at Agbozume market. Enyonam Azamuti is from Klikor, a town next to Agbozume, and she purchased the cloth from the weaver at the previous market. Collected in Ghana as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: unknown

Place: Agbozume, Ghana, West Africa, Africa

Date: 2017