R6041/10-12 Aso-oke bridal outfit

white, silver and blue aso-oke outfit on mannequin

Aso-oke outfit (Museum Accession Number R6041)

This aso-oke outfit that was commissioned by the owner, Funmi, for her engagement ceremony in Lagos in 1995. Funmi and her husband Dotun had four wedding events in total, two in the UK and two in Nigeria. Aso-oke, which translates as ‘top cloth’ or ‘high status cloth’ is a formal textile, traditionally woven by men. It is primarily made from cotton or silk, woven in long narrow strips which are sewn together and then tailored into garments. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: unknown

Place: Nigeria, West Africa, Africa

Date: 1995

a young yoruba couple wearing white aso-oke at their engagement event
Dotun and Funmi wearing the white aso-oke at their engagement ceremony in Lagos, 1995

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