R6104/3/1 Textile; Blanket

square red and yellow basotho blanket

Basotho blanket (Museum Accession Number R6104/3)

This thick woollen blanket is an iconic textile in southern Africa. Originating in Lesotho, they are associated with King Moshoeshoe I (c. 1786 – 1870) who was also responsible for popularising shweshwe fabric. Basotho blankets are worn around the shoulders secured with a large pin, reminescent of the way in which Sotho men would have traditionally worn a kaross (animal skin shawl). The blankets are now produced in South Africa by Aranda Textile Mills. This design featuring anchors, animal heads and heraldry is called ‘Badges of the Brave’ and is from the Victoria England range, the most high-end of Aranda’s basotho brands. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: Aranda Textile Mills

Place: South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

Date: 2017