R6104/2 Kobo Circle Cape

A woman's cape coat made from a black, white and red woollen basotho blanket.

Blanket cape by Thabo Makhetha (Museum Accession Number R6104/2)

This circle cape known as ‘Kobo Ea Bohali’ or ‘Kobo’, was created by Thabo Makhetha, a luxury South African womenswear label established in 2009 by designer Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana. The cape is made from a traditional woolen Basotho blanket made by Aranda Textiles Mill, based near Johannesburg. Coats and capes made from these Basotho blankets form part of the designer’s winter collections. These blankets have a long history and are important symbols of status not only for people from Lesotho but for people with Sotho heritage across southern Africa. Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana was born in Lesotho and now lives in South Africa, her creations reflect and celebrate her Basotho heritage. Collected in South Africa for the Fashioning Africa collection.

Creator: Thabo Makhetha

Place: South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

Date: 2017

Back view of women's cape made out of a black, white and red basotho blanket
Kobo Circle Cape by Thabo Makhetha (Museum Accession Number R6104/2)