R6101/1 Robe

a mannequin wearing a long pale blue satin robe and matching trousers. The robe has islamic inspired golden embroidery at the chest and on the hem of the trousers.

Sierra Leone outfit (Museum Accession Number R6101/1-3)

A three piece mens occassion wear outfit, consisting of a large agbada or boubou gown, undershirt and trousers made from damask satin or bazin riche fabric. The owner came from a Muslim family and the Islamic influence of this outfit can be seen not only in the shape of the gown, but also in the elaborate asymmetrical embroidery on the collar and breastpiece. These types of outfits with embroidered gowns, have traditionally been worn all over West Africa and continue to be popular men’s clothing worn on special occassions. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: unknown

Place: Sierra Leone, West Africa, Africa

Date: 1980