R6080/1 Textile; Kente

narrow strip woven man’s kente cloth multicoloured design with motifs including Sanfoka birds, tortoises and people with geckos along the borders.

Kente (Museum Accession Number R6080/1)

This men’s narrow strip woven rayon kente cloth, made by twins Fred and Richmond Akpo, is an Adanouvor or design cloth. It features motifs such as sankofa (bird looking back), tortoises, people, and geckos. This is a copy of the Akpos’ cloth that won them the 2016 Agotime Kpetoe Kente Festival weaving and design competition. Although still in their twenties the twins have set up their own weaving workshop. This allows them to support their family and pass on their skills to other young men and boys, and to develop their business by focusing on designing new award-winning cloths. Interviewed by the museum team while visiting their workshop in Ghana, the twins said ‘We just would like you to tell people that we are here, and tell them about our kente cloths’. Collected as part of the Fashioning Africa project.

Creator: Fred Akpo & Richmond Akpo

Place: Agotime Kpetoe, Adaklu-Anyigbe district, Volta region, Ghana, Africa

Date: 2017